Saturday, 23 of Nov. 2024 - Dura to As-Sura -Thru Hike

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In Dura, hikers can start their day by visiting Dura Cooperative Association for Agricultural Production, where they can stamp their Hiker Passports and support the women’s cooperative by purchasing some aromatic herbs or sweet raisins or malban (dried grape juice rollups) – a tasty snack for the way.

An-Nabi Nuh Shrine (the Shrine of Prophet Noah), an Ottoman building with a small dome and small arched courtyard, is also worth a visit. According to the local tradition, the Turkish soldiers arrived on the spot holding a map showing the burial site of Noah.

Old residences located in the proximity to the shrine demonstrate the importance of Dura during the Ottoman period, which became the administrative center of the area (throne village). Several of these traditional houses are being restored.

After leaving Dura, the trail passes through scenic valleys covered with the abundant pine trees. Along the way, there are some hills to climb. The final part of this section leads up the hill to As-Sura, a small agricultural village in the Hebron Governorate.

  •  Hikers stamp location : Dura


Walking distance: 11.2 km
Walking time: 3-4 hours
Difficulty: Moderate



  • Lightweight walking boots
  • Walking poles
  • At least 4-5 liters of water and snacks for the hike
  • Sunscreen and hat
  • Your camera


  • An experienced local hiking guide
  • Lunch in Route 

Not Included:

  • Transportations to the starting point and from the end point 

From USD 25

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Meeting point: Dura Municipality

Meeting time: 08:30



visiting Dura Cooperative Association for Agricultural Production

Visit An-Nabi Nuh Shrine 



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