17 - 18 November 2018, Tequa to Bani Na’im, Masar Ibrahim Thru Hike

Begin your journey with a picturesque hike through the rough  desert landscape to one of the best overlook points of the Dead Sea. 

After leaving the desert, you will head towards Beni Na’im, a tranquil village famous for the surrounding grape orchards.

Day 1: Tequa to Arab Ar-Rashaydeh

After a picturesque hike through the desert landscape, you will arrive at a spot with one of the best views in the area. The ochre and yellow rock of the seaside cliffs contrasts with the turquoise surface of the Dead Sea, all framed by the purple peaks of the Jordanian mountains on the distant horizon.

You will share an evening meal with your Bedouin hosts in a unique event featuring traditional Rababa music. The sounds of conversation and traditional songs will drift into the darkness of the surrounding desert while hikers enjoy the warm atmosphere and comfort of the Bedouin tent.

  • Length:       24.30 km
  • Duration:   7-8 hours
  • Category:   Easy to Moderate
  • Dinner and overnight in Rashaydeh

Day 2: Arab Ar-Rashaiyda to Beni Na’im

After leaving the desert, you will head towards Beni Na’im, a tranquil village famous for the surrounding grape orchards. There, your hosts will treat you to freshly made grapes molasses (dibis) for breakfast, or serve a platter of savory Palestinian grape leaves stuffed with a mixture of meat and spiced rice for lunch.

  • Length:      22 km
  • Duration:   6- 7 hours
  • Category:   Difficult

The price include:

  • Transfer from Tequa to Wadi Jihar
  • Two lunches
  • One -Overnight at local Bedouin family
  • One dinner and one breakfast

Not included:

  • All transportations from/to the start and the ending point
  • Optional vehicle transfer to the overlook point ($18)
  • Dinner and cooking class in Bani Naim ($15)
  • Any other extra expenses

Meeting  point: Tequa' Municipality

Meeting time: 08:30

For more information about the location please contact our coordinator at: 0568750801

  • Experience authentic Bedouin hospitality and be amazed at the desert overlook, from which you can see the Dead Sea and Jordan.
  • Explore Beni Na’im, a tranquil village famous for the grape groves surrounding the area


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