22-28 November 2023, Tuqua to Beit Mirsim

Begin your journey from Tuqua and hike through the rough desert landscape to a beautiful overlook of the Dead Sea.

After leaving the desert, head towards Bani Na’im, a tranquil village famous for its surrounding grape orchards. There, your hosts will treat you to freshly made grape molasses (dibis) for breakfast, or serve a platter of savory Palestinian grape leaves stuffed with a mixture of meat and spiced rice for lunch.

The trail will lead hikers towards the Old City of Hebron, home of Al-Ibrahimi Mosque, a place of conflict and spirituality and a symbol of struggle and hospitality. Follow the labyrinth of alleys, streets and courtyards through Hebron’s old quarters and mingle with the shopkeepers as you move towards the mosque.

South of Hebron is the newest part of the Palestenian Heritage trail , particularly exciting to those interested in architecture and archaeological heritage. The new stages include impressive ruins of ancient monasteries, shrines, presses and cisterns. 

Day one: Tuesday 22/11/2023 Tuqua to Rashaydeh

This walk will take us from Tuqua through Wadi Jihar to the village of Rashaydeh, located about 20 km east of Hebron.  The hike begins in the Jerusalem wilderness and descends into the spectacular Wadi Jihar, a deep limestone canyon. The hike from Tuqua through Wadi Jihar will take about 4 hours, primarily on a rocky desert path, with a descent and few small climbs. We will emerge from the valley and reach the village of Rashaydeh, and then continue walking toward the Bedouin tent just outside of Rashaydeh.

Length: 24.30 km
Duration: 4 - 5 hours
Category: Easy to Moderate
Dinner and overnight in Rashaydeh

Day two: Wednesday 23/11/2023 Rashaydeh to Bani Naim

We will hike from the Rashaydeh desert area to Bani Naim, a mountain area from which Abraham watch the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah in the Jordan Valley below.  The terrain is rocky and uneven. At the end of the day we will have a tour of the city and enjoy a cooking class with the women of Bani Naim.

Length:      22 km
Duration:   6- 7 hours
Category:   Difficult
Dinner and overnight with local families

Day Three: Thursday 24/11/2023 Bani Naim to Hebron

This section of the Masar winds through the mountainous region where Ibrahim interceded on behalf of Lot’s people. It will finish with Hebron city tour and enjoy the traditional Palestinian cuisine.

Length:      7 km
Duration:   2-3 hours
Category:   Easy 
Dinner and overnight at the Lamar Guest House in Hebron

Day Four: Friday 25/11/2023 Hebron to Dura

The Hebron to Dura day stage begins in the busy streets of Hebron, the path continues through the souqs and alleys of the Old City of Hebron, heading towards Dura.

Walking distance: 12.40 km
Walking time: 4-5 hours
Difficulty: Moderate

Day Five: Saturday 26/11/2023 Dura to As Sura

In Dura, hikers will start their day by visiting Dura Cooperative Association for Agricultural Production, where they can stamp their Hiker Passports and learn about the women’s cooperative. We will have the opportunity to purchase aromatic herbs, sweet raisins and hand made malban (dried grape juice rollups) - tasty snacks for the way.

After leaving Dura the trail passes over hills and through scenic valleys covered with pine trees. The final part of this section leads up the hill to As-Sura, a small agricultural village in the Hebron Governorate.

Walking distance: 11.2 km
Walking time: 4-5 hours
Difficulty: Moderate
Dinner and overnight at the Guest House in Dura

Day Six: Sunday 27/11/2023 As-Sura to Dhahriya

After passing through the rural areas surrounding As-Sur, the path to Dhahriya, leads through evergreen pine forests. It continues towards Khirbet Rabud, the only major Late Bronze Age archaeological site in the mountains around Hebron.

Walking distance: 13.5 km
Walking time: 4-5 hours
Difficulty: Moderate
Dinner and Overnight at the Guest House in Dhahriya

Day Seven: Monday 28/11/2023 Dhahriya to Beit Mirsim

The final stage of the Palestinian Heritage Trail takes hikers on an exciting 19-kilometer hike between Dhahriya and Beit Mirsim.

After doing the final hike, the SIRAJ-center will arrange a transfer for the participants from Beit Mirsim to Bethlehem.

Walking distance: 19.8 km
Walking time: 5 - 7 hours
Difficulty: Moderate

Meeting Point: Tequa Municipality 

Meeting Time: 08:30 



Price include:

6 overnights including dinners and breakfasts (1 night at local Bedouin community in Rashaydeh, 1 night at homestay at Bani Naim, 4 nights in Guesthouses)

Light lunches during the walk
Experienced local hiking guides
Luggage transfers during the walk

Not include:

Transfer to the starting point 
Optional vehicles ride to the overlooking point ($18)
Other expenses


Enjoy Bedouin hospitality
Pass through agricultural fields and orchards of the Hebron area
Visit archaeological and architectural attractions
See famous landmarks: Old City of Hebron, Dahriya, Ibrahimi Mosque, 


  1. East Jerusalem