5 May 2017, Friday. Duma to Kafr Malek

You start this hike from Duma which is 25 kilometers southeast of Nablus, by walking through a landscape of olive groves, wheat fields, and limestone villages in the beautiful hills of the Nablus region from the picturesque village of Duma. Besides the few small sections on paved road, this segment takes you alongside a rocky valley.

You complete this stage by reaching up a steep ascent that ends up at Kafr Malek village which is 17 kilometers northeast of Ramallah, and surrounded by the villages of Almughayyer, Kherbet Abu Falah, Almazra'a Alsharqiyya (Eastern Farm) and Dair Jreer (Jreer Monastery), is a very famous village for growing olive and fruit trees such as almonds and grapes. The residents depend on the rainwater in irrigating their crops and in drinking.

Enjoy your walk and take lots of photos!

  • Walking distance:         14.9 km
  • Walking time:               5 hours
  • Difficulty:                      Moderate to Difficult

What to bring:

Lightweight walking boots
Walking poles
At least 3 - 4 liters of water and snacks/ Lunch for the hike
Sunscreen and hat
Your camera

What is included:

An experienced local hiking guide
Transportation from/to Jerusalem or Beit Sahour 

  • Meeting point: in front of the Jerusalem Hotel, 4 Anatara Ben Shaddad St., East Jerusalem, near the Damascus Gate
  • Direction: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Jerusalem+Hotel/@31.7843026,35.2258947,677m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x150329c458973183:0x496b59518afd3fa1!6m1!1e1


  • Beit Sahour meeting point: in front of Beit Sahour Municipality

Rate: From Jerusalem: 50$,From Beit Sahour 30$

  • Meeting time:   08:00
  • Approximate returning time:  17:00
  • Walk through the beautiful hills and landscape of olive groves, wheat fields, and limestone villages
  • Learn about the town which has been inhabited since Biblical times, and once an important Samaritan center
  • For more information:



  1. East Jerusalem